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About IEG

Image Engineering Group, Ltd. (IEG) is a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In 1991, Don Penn founded Don Penn Consulting Engineer (DPCE), this firm is still active today and specializes in MEP design for retail clients across the nation. IEG has dedicated their efforts to educating school districts and other specialty clients in ways to become more environmentally-friendly and cost effective in their mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.



IEG has lead the industry in Geothermal Heat Pump Systems, a technology that utilizes the earth's natural temperature as a thermal resource for HVAC heating and cooling. This technology has reduced energy consumption up to 50% in some facilities and drastically reduced the carbon footprint compared to conventional HVAC systems.


Don Penn, PE, CGD, CGI   Owner/Founder

Don Penn, PE, CGD, CGI

Don Penn has been involved in the engineering community since 1978.

During his early career, Don developed relationships with both national retail and education clientele across the United States, which is still maintained today. In September of 1991, Don formed Don Penn Consulting Engineer (DPCE) to better serve these clients.

In 1992, Birdville ISD turned to DPCE for engineering support and energy conservation techniques. DPCE became a leading pioneer in Geothermal Heat Pump HVAC Systems and gained interest from many other education clients across the country.

In 2003, Image Engineering Group, Ltd. was established as a sister company to DPCE. Together, both companies are comprised of over 30 dedicated engineers and designers. IEG & DPCE require all of their engineers and designers to be well versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of MEP design. This level of performance maximizes coordination, efficiency and innovation in each project.

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We provide clarity and insight to our clients, as we strive to design the most cost effective and energy efficient building.

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